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Larger capacity at Auto Logik

d. 01/12 2013

Auto Logik is experiencing continued growth. To meet the increasing demand, Auto Logik has entered into a co-operation agreement with 3 subcontractors whose trucks and drivers will service Auto Logik in the future.

lastbilerOperations manager Steffen Yde says: “We have had such strong growth, especially in the past year that we have had difficulty in procuring enough drivers and trucks. Now we have entered into an agreement with 3 experienced haulage contractors, who can provide the capacity which is needed. It is important for our Danish customers that the drivers speak Danish. Therefore, we have opted out the possibility of using foreign subcontractors.”

The 3 subcontractors will start driving for Auto Logik in early November. Although all drivers are experienced in handling auto-transporters, they must go through a training program before they are sent out to the customers. “The drivers will have thorough knowledge of Auto Logik’s procedures and, not least, of our values ​​and positions,” says Steffen Yde. “When you wear our work clothing, you commit yourself to providing a service that is top notch.”

The trucks which are put at Auto Logik’s disposal by the subcontractors will either be painted red or mounted with logos and will be incorporated in Auto logik’s capacity which is now more than 100 car transporters.