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The founder of the company, Bent Jørgensen, started Kalundborg Autotransport in 1962 with a single platform truck. In the years that followed the fleet of auto transporters grew and the company expanded rapidly resulting in the establishment of another company Jydsk Autotransport A/S, founded in 1978.
While Kalundborg Autotransport A/S and Jydsk Autotransport A/S over the years operated as two independent companies, they did recognise the need for increased flexibility and efficiency in the expanding car business and co-operated greatly to this end. To ensure a competitive company, Kalundborg Autotransport A/S and Jydsk Autotransport A/S merged on the 1st of July 2000 under the name
Dansk Auto Logik A/S.

In July 2003 the company merged again, this time with Dansk Autotransport A/S. From humble beginnings Dansk Auto Logik A/S has today grown to be Denmark’s largest car transport company – a company that prides itself on the quality of it’s services.

In August 2012 the company was celebrating its 50th anniversary and on this occasion Bent O. Jorgensen was presented with a true replica of his first auto transporter, an Austin 700FG, renovated by the employees at Dansk Auto Logik’s workshop. This same day, the founder of the company, Bent O. Jørgensen, retired and handed over the leadership to Kurt Rath.

Austin truck from 1962

Bent O. Jørgenen and Kurt Rath