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At our certified workshops in Vamdrup and Ringsted we convert cars to VAN. The conversions are built according to the importers’ guidelines and applicable law. As in all other areas of our business, we set high standards for the quality of our work and for the materials we use in the conversions.

Many of the cars we convert come directly into our compounds from the car factories, and if the car is pre-booked as VAN, we convert the car before delivery to its final destination. Our customers save, not only, delivery time but also transport costs.

If you need to have a car transported to one of our workshops, our employees in customer service are ready to assist you with the transport booking. You are also welcome to write to ombygning@autologik.dk where you can order both conversion and transport and inquire about prices.

If you have a larger number of cars you need to have converted, or if you have special requests for your van, please feel free to contact Technical manager, Tom Malev, tm@autologik.dk.


We perform the following for all conversions:

• Rear seats and belts are removed
• Rear windows are glued
• A steel frame is mounted to the floor
• A baseplate is mounted to the steel frame
• Floor carpet
• Partition wall behind the front seats
• Safety screen behind the driver’s seat

Depending on the car model, you can also choose different extra solutions: safety screen behind the passenger seat, hidden storage space under the floor carpet, or for example a locked room in the partition wall. In all cars we also offer to mount window film on rear windows.