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Dansk Auto Logik wishes to be the preferred supplier and outsourcing partner of total solutions in PDI, receipt, storage, conversion and transport of passenger cars. We attach importance to:

Dynamics: To be efficient and open to change – leading to progress and innovation

Accountability: To be focused on quality and carry out services with respect for the environment 

Loyalty: To be honest and trustworthy towards colleagues, customers and business partners


Coporate Social Responsibility

With a market leading position in our business we are aware of our obligation towards society – an obligation to act socially and environmentally responsibly and to support sustainability.

It comes naturally to take care of our employees and surroundings and to conduct an ethically correct business.

We care about:

  • Sustainability and the environment
  • Good and healthy working conditions
  • Creating jobs in the local community

We do not tolerate:

  • Child labour
  • Corruption
  • Discrimination on any grounds

We prefer partners who share our principles of ethical business conduct, social responsibility and sustainability. We therefore expect our suppliers to live up to our Code of Conduct for Suppliers.