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Andersen & Martini outsources all transportation to Dansk Auto Logik

d. 10/12 2014

Andersen & Martini is one of Denmark’s biggest car dealers, with close to 10 dealerships in the Copenhagen area.

To solve the internal transportation needs, Andersen & Martini has until today had its own auto transporter. In connection with an internal LEAN project and increased transport needs due to high sales numbers, the dealer has assessed that their production and services will improved through an agreement with Dansk Auto Logik. As of 1st December we have therefore taken over both their truck and driver, and we will continue to stand for all Andersen & Martini’s internal transport, as well as transport to and from their customers and partners.

Although Andersen and Martini no longer have their own auto transporter, they will experience greater capacity and flexibility as we at Dansk Auto Logik always has many auto transporters driving in the metropolitan area. Andersen & Martini transports c. 4.000 cars a year.