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We strengthen the executive board

d. 14/06 2017

Steffen Yde

The car industry has for the past many years set new records. This has doubled the turnover and the number of employees in 6 years.To adapt the organization to the new size and to be prepared for any future growth, the executive board will be expanded with Steffen Yde, who has more than 25 years of experience in Dansk Auto Logik. Steffens many years of experience will be a significant strengthening of the executive board. Steffen will be replaced by 2 new department managers who will be responsible for the operation and development of the terminal business and the transport business respectively.
We have almost doubled the work force over the last 6 years, and yet the individual employee continues to be busy. In order to take care of our most important resource, our employees, we have decided to further strengthen our management by looking for a Terminal Manager and a Transport Manager, who can work dedicated to each their area of ​​responsibility.

Growth continues
Over the past two years, we have expanded our terminals, where especially importers and dealers store new cars until they are customer-sold. With a current expansion in Ringsted of 36.000 m2, we have invested in more than 140.000 m2 of extra asphalt, and now more than 500.000 m2 of paved areas are now available. Every time we have expanded, we have thought that we have created the necessary framework for the future, but we have quickly had to report sold-out. We have just bought extra land in Vamdrup, and here are now expansion opportunities if the market demands it in the future.

Even more auto transportersDAL Ringsted
We move daily between 1.800 and 2.000 cars when things are busy. To handle this task we have 138 own auto transporters, and another 30 are on our way home from our supplier in Austria. Car transport is a scarce resource throughout Europe, and therefore there is almost one year’s delivery time. Approximately half of the new auto transporters will replace old and worn car transports, while the rest is an extension of the fleet.

Prepared for continued investment
Although we have invested significant sums in recent years, our ownership is fully focused on continued development. The ownership is firmly located in a fund, which largely ensures that the earnings generated remain in the company, thus creating the basis for the new investments required by the growth in the automotive industry.