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Full transport insurance – import and export cars

d. 10/03 2016

It is due diligence to react before the big accident occurs! Therefore, we have now established an insurance solution which means that cars transported over borders Europe are considerably better insured than the law prescribes.

As a carrier, we follow the CMR convention on foreign shipments. The CMR provides for a limitation of liability to 8.33 SDR per kilo damaged goods, although in most situations this is not sufficient in relation to the car’s value. We cannot deviate from CMR-convention, but in cooperation with our insurance company, we have now ensured our customers a significantly better coverage than the law prescribes. As part of our freight cost in relation to import and export transports, all cars are now insured for 750,000 DKK per unit. If the transported car is more expensive, our Service team will offer to help our customers with signing a supplementary insurance so that the car is properly insured in relation to its value.

Besides spending resources on equipment and training of drivers, we have with this investment also created a significantly greater security for our customers. We always strive to be the safe choice when selecting a transportation solution – now we have become an even safer choice!